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Serhii Kot
Serhii KotFounder, Composer
Founder of tunestogo.net, has composed thousands of commercial music tracks. Main credo: You can reach happiness only within yourself, not with any reachable and not reachable goods.
Andrey Lobanovskiy
Andrey LobanovskiyComposer, Bass Player
Andrey created a unique local band. Composing for tunestogo.net. Main credo: If you want to achieve something, you should do it with passion and long enough to reach a success point.
Nadyn Huba
Nadyn HubaContent Manager
Has enough patience to add tonnes of music to tunestogo.net. Main credo: Start loving what you do and you will never work again.

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We have a lot of great background music for your projects. You can filter tracks by type, duration, tempo or type any keywords in the search bar.

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We are a small team of enthusiasts, who creates professional quality background music, with affordable price for everyone.

We’ve simplified music licensing. Browse our tracks, download previews, and purchase a license online with a credit card. Then, download your music immediately! Our licenses are honored worldwide and valid for perpetuity. Our tracks are completely copyright clear and legal, so you don’t have to pay additional fees to copyright holders. With our simple and affordable licensing, you don’t have to decide which license to buy. One license for any kind of use! From personal to 10M broadcast.

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