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“Inspirational piano” is a powerful, motivational, commercial and corporate background music witch perfect for film or television in emotional climaxes and transitional moments; motivational presentations, team building exercises, speaker introductions and corporate use to build up your business. Uplifting and positive pop song with a piano. Contains peaceful, happy, positive, inspire, uplifting and glorious mood. This music has good reflective melody, which gives a hope to your success.

Author: Serhii Kot (CAE/IPI 859761480)
Content ID: identifyy


background, business, climaxes, commercial, corporate, emotional, film, happy, hope, inspire, introductions, motivational, music, peaceful, piano, positive, powerful, presentations, reflective, speaker, success, television, uplifting, animating, refreshing, hopeful, forward-looking, keeping the faith, trustful, anticipative, anticipating, faithful, victorious, vitality, warm, romantic, charming, colorful, dreamy, exciting, encouraged, cheered, supported, inspiring, encouraging, exhilarating, heartening

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