Middle-Eastern, Arabic Background Music for Videos

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If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect background music to add to your project, you’re not alone. A lot of people have difficulties in finding the perfect tracks that will go with their presentations. Tracks can be distorted, or overused and unoriginal. With our tracks though, you’re sure to find the opposite.

The Mid-Eastern Story Time collection features eight different tracks that are all original and top quality, something that you won’t find anywhere else. These tracks are great for any kind of project, and they’re sure to grab your listeners attention. Whether you’re selling a product and need a track for an advertisement or you’re making a presentation, these tracks will work for exactly what you need.

Featuring a similar vibe through all eight tracks, you’ll notice that the ethnic vibes create a feel that can connect listeners and viewers to exactly what you want them to connect to. A product, an idea, a documentary, whatever you’re making, it’s great to have viewers connect fully to what you’re offering.

Arabic Background Music For Videos

Travel videos can benefit greatly from using tracks from the Mid-Eastern Story Time collection. The mysterious and exotic background music pulls in viewers to hook their attention on what your video is stating. The Arabian music helps to create a really good vibe around your project.

With Persian oud, passionate drums (darbuka, dumbek), and ominous vibes, you’ll find that these tracks create an ancient and national mood. The tone set is perfect for Islamic documentaries, news, Middle Eastern travel projects, and much, much more.

Feel free to take a listen to some of the tracks offered in the Mid-Eastern Story Time collection to see exactly what’s perfect for you and your project. You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for!

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