Dramatic, sad, and suspense piano background music, featuring sorrowful tunes, ambient pads, and deep bass that create a dark, melancholy and tense mood. This music will be good as a background for a disaster report, political crimes, social problems, natural disasters, or war, pandemic aftermath video.

Author: Serhii Kot (CAE/IPI 859761480)
Content ID: identifyy


film, fight, somber, war, sorrowful, heavy, mourning, epic, suffering, background, ambient, tension, hell, rising, failure, deep, uncertainty, sadness, waiting, misery, soundtrack, trailer, piano, cinematic, heroic, aftermath, difficult, emotional, fear, dramatic, suspense, battle, video, terrorism, foreboding, inevitably, touching, death, hurricane, disaster, army, tense, game, evocative, sad, dark, melancholy, intro, danger, documentary

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