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Frequently Asked Questions2019-09-26T15:03:42+00:00
Can I make a song or a remix with music?2020-09-07T14:50:31+00:00

NO! Our music is meant to be used for multimedia projects such as videos and web applications. For both the free license and the pro licenses, it is forbidden to make a song, a remix and/or to use our music for music production. You can, however, adapt the music for your film or video by cutting, fading, editing the length or adding voice over.

Can I use your music for Facebook?2020-09-07T14:50:40+00:00

Yes, you can use our music in your Facebook videos, however, you cannot register videos to the Facebook Rights Manager Service. Because of a flaw of Facebook’s copyright protection software that would keep other users to use our music.

Can I use your music for free?2020-09-07T14:49:33+00:00

You can use our music for free in your project (online videos on Youtube or Facebook, websites, animations, etc.) as long as you credit (in the description for a video). You can monetize your videos with this music with one extra step. After the video goes online, send a link to this contact form. Our team will check the link and clear your video for monetization.

Please, copy and paste this line to your video description:

Music By:

If you do not want to credit or if you want to support this website you can buy a license on the track pages.

Copyright Claims (Content ID)2020-09-07T14:55:23+00:00

Content ID and Identifyy have been around for years, and they have become an accepted and standard part of the music licensing equation for many composers as well as for YouTube content creators.

For a long time, I was reluctant to register my music with Content ID out of concern for the people who were already actively using my music in their YouTube videos. It turns out that my previous decision to stay on the Content ID sidelines allowed unscrupulous people to capitalize on that vulnerability.

I went through a period where my music portfolio was under repeated attacks by people who attempted to fraudulently register my music with Content ID with the intent to illegally collect advertising revenue from YouTube videos using my music. I fought back each time, claiming my rights as the composer and copyright owner of my music, but the process was messy, costly, and prolonged.

Each time I fought these illegal attacks I was left with a helpless feeling that my customers had been harassed in a situation that I had no control over and to a degree that was unknowable to me. Besides, I had lingering doubts about whether fraudulent situations were ever truly resolved completely. And I felt outraged that my ability to have full control of my music was unrightfully taken from me.

I decided to register my entire music portfolio with Content ID (Identifyy) to maintain control of my music. In doing so, I can better serve my customers and prevent the fraudulent harassment of my customers by individuals with malicious and illegal intentions.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your support!

What is Content ID?

Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system that helps identify copyrighted material within videos on YouTube. Music tracks within the Content ID database are compared against the music used in videos across YouTube and matches are identified.

What is Identifyy

Identifyy is a YouTube partner platform that uses the Content ID technology to protect and manage copyrighted material on behalf of the content owners. In the case of my music, Identifyy identifies the usage of my music in Youtube videos and requests confirmation from the video creators that they have purchased a license or have permission to legally use my music.

When Identifyy finds a video using my music a “matched third party content” copyright notice will be sent to the video creator. This is not a copyright infringement notice. It is a message notifying the video creator that YouTube has detected material registered with Content ID and that further action is required.

I purchased a license. What do I do?

First of all, thank you for purchasing a license. While at first, this may seem like a hassle, the process is very quick and protects you as a music licensee.

Option 1: Clear the claim directly with

When you purchased a license, you received a license certificate and purchase code. Go to the Identifyy claim clearance page and fill out the online form. Paste the details from your license certificate and state that you purchased a license from Tunestogo via one of the licensing platforms (AudioJungle, Pond5) or this site directly. Claims are usually cleared within 24 hours and you will receive an email confirmation.

Option 2: Clear the claim directly with YouTube

Dispute the claim via YouTube by clicking on the “matched third party content” notice and then “file a dispute.”

Select “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.”

In the “Reason for dispute” box, copy and paste the details from your license certificate and state that you purchased a license from Tunestogo via one of the licensing platforms (AudioJungle, Pond5) or this site directly. YouTube claims are usually cleared within 24-96 hours.

Option 3: Contact me via email

As a third option, you may contact me and I will assist you in making sure your video is cleared as quickly as possible.

Tip for clearing a video in advance.

If you wish to clear your video before releasing it on YouTube, you may upload your video as “Unlisted.” Then proceed to clear your video using the Identifyy claim clearance page of this contact form. When you receive confirmation that the video is cleared you can then set the video status to “Public.”

Do your commercial license allow me to use your music on several projects?2020-09-07T14:50:21+00:00

If you produce your own videos: Yes.
If you produce videos for clients then you must buy a license for each client.

What are the usage restrictions?2020-09-07T14:50:36+00:00
  • You cannot Claim our music as your own.

  • You cannot Register our music in any store/platform.

  • You cannot use our music for Audio Podcasts or AudioBooks.

  • You cannot make music, song or remix with our music.

  • You can use our music for Facebook videos but you cannot register them to the Facebook Rights Manager Service (that will keep other users to use our music).

What is the proper way to give credits?2020-09-07T14:50:12+00:00

Examples of credits: “Music:

For Online videos (Youtube, Vimeo,…) Leave credits in the video description.

Where can I read full license agreement?2020-09-07T14:50:17+00:00

You can read full license text here:

Why audio podcasts and audio-only projects are not allowed?2020-09-07T14:50:26+00:00

Using our music for audio podcasts or audio-only projects is not permitted because it leads to copyright issues. Most web services that deal with audio can’t make a difference between a music file and a podcast using a music file. The consequence is that it leads to people being blocked from using our music in their videos.

Not found an answer? You can ask in the contact form below: