Ever wonder why inspirational videos have this great impact on us? The answer is simple and it contains three main elements.

  • Voice of authority and person behind this voice

  • The idea that resonates with us

  • Emotional background music that makes an epic feel of fulfillment

Many youtube channels for inspiration use these simple rules to create great content. They are searching for inspirational quotes on interviews, podcasts, conferences from various authors and then create a compilation of quotes with inspiring pictures. But what makes those videos truly exited? – inspirational background music.

Many creators underestimate the value of background music for videos. Don’t make this mistake! Here are our 10 best music tracks for inspirational speech videos.

inspirational background music

The Power Of Inspiration

Calm and peaceful background music featuring emotional strings, hopeful piano, and evocative electric guitar.


Inspirational Piano Ambient

Emotional and thoughtful background music featuring string orchestra, inspiring piano, and constant movement.


Inspiring Interview

Playful and interesting background music featuring calm mallets and percussion.


Life Story

Deep and edgy ambient background music with evocative vibes.


Reaching Your Goals

Motivational and hopeful piano arpeggios with an orchestral spark.


Inspirational Words

Inspiring piano chords with few mellow notes which create this hope vibe.


Inspirational Speech

Peaceful and thoughtful ambient background music soundscape with organic bells.



Soft, hopeful, reflective piano background music with a small orchestra.


Hope of Salvation

Confident, inspiring piano background with percussion and a few sorrow notes to make this epic feel.


Hopeful Piano

Bright and forward-looking piano background. Featuring bells, strings, orchestral percussion.